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When it comes to Commercial and Industrial pressure cleaning, HiLo Pressure Wash has been making your place of business look brand new for years.
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and there's never been a job too big. Whether its your concrete floors, walls, roof or driveway - HiLo Pressure Wash will ensure the job is done in a clean, fast and professional manner. 

We have cleaned Industrial and Commercial buildings all over Victoria and NSW and offer free quotes and an obligation free chat about what your pressure cleaning needs are.

You might need your Commercial Property pressured cleaned for all sorts of reasons, it could be an end of lease, selling, graffiti or just looking to make it look brand new again. The team at HiLo Pressure Wash will get the job done in a cost effective and timely manner.


HiLo Pressure Wash isn’t limited to cleaning only certain types of buildings. We can get into the hard-to-reach places to restore even inaccessible areas to their former splendour. Our experienced team can clean office buildings, commercial buildings and factories. We even have the expertise and delicacy to clean heritage buildings and churches.


Graffiti is a serious eyesore and it’s extremely difficult to remove. Regardless of the surface, HiLo Pressure Wash has the ability to remove all types of graffiti so your building can look great again. Chewing gum is another challenging substance that inhibits kerb appeal. No matter how old it is, we’ll blast it away from pavements and footpaths.


Each year the team at Hilo Wash give the roof at Darrell Lea Australia a good pressure clean. You will see from the picture the grime, mold and dirt that builds up over the years.

As this roof can be seen from the highway it's important not only for the over all look over the roof but also for the longevity of the roof as because if it was left, over time the build up of dirt and water will see the  roof start to weaken. Regular maintenance of such a roof ensures that it will be in good nick in the years to come.


LJ Colquhoun Dixon have engaged the services of HiLo Wash over the past 3 years. They have provided prompt, cost effective pressure cleaning and we are happy to recommend Rod Halsted and his team at HiLoWash.

- Bryce Livermore
LJ Colquhoun Dixon

We engaged Hilowash to clean our factory floor in preparation for painting. The floor was extremely dirty and greasy, particularly around the base of the machines. Rod and his team did an excellent job in removing the grime and presenting the surface. We painted shortly after and have not experienced the paint lift which was prevalent in previous attempts. Rod was also very flexible with his time and worked around our production requirements. We are very happy with the friendly and professional service. 

- Greg Dingle
Parker Hannifin Australia Pty Ltd
To whome it may concern

This is to advise that Rod Halsted, of HiLo Pressure Clean, has undertaken water pressure cleaning of the exterior church building.

The work involved water pressure cleaning to remove build-up of moss and water staining on brickwork and rendered area and removal from the site of the displaced material. The area cleaned were partly accessible from ground level but required the use of tower equipment to clean upper areas of the walls and the bell tower. It is believed that the exterior of the building had not been cleaned since building in 1906.

We found Rod to be very efficient in his work and he fitted in well with the necessary use of the buildings. The church now looks one hundred per cent better.

Rod has also done tree pruning at this site and at church residences and we have found him to be prompt and reasonable in his charges for this work.

- Bruce Fraser
Convenor – St David’s Property Committee

I have tried them all. HiloWash are head & shoulders above the rest. I have no qualms recommending Rod & his team.

- Jack (Factory Owner)
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HiLo Wash has years of experience improving and cleaning the interiors and exteriors of buildings. We’re safe, reliable and effective. Even if your building has areas that are difficult to clean, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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